Thursday, March 4, 2010

Affective Computing Thesis/Project

This online journal will be a record of my progress in my ELEC4712/4713 project. The topic is in the area of Affective Computing: "Electrophysiological signals for the recognition of emotion"

My primary supervisor is Rafael Calvo. Another point of reference from last year (just before the break) was Judy Kay, but at this point she hasn't been listed as a co-supervisor yet (some admin stuff I'll have to sort out soon!).

Actual research related material:

During the break I have been reading up on material given to me last year by Judy and Rafael about affective computing, user modelling and Dynamic Bayesian networks. Although I think my project will ultimately focus on using a diagnostic approach to model dynamic decision networks (DDNs), it is interesting to look at the alternative methods. Judy pointed me towards a paper that looks into modelling DDNs by predictive assessment ("Empirically building and evaluating a probabilistic model of user affect", Conti and Maclaren, 2009).

The article above also made reference into OCC theory, so I looked further into this in an article by Adam, Herzig and Longin ("A logical formalization of the OCC theory of emotions", 2009).

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