Monday, September 27, 2010

Posting from the lab today, running my 2nd (out of 3) experiment. Feedback from initial subjects and pilot testing over last weekend and yesterday resulted in the following changes for today:
  • Increased the annotation interval from 10 to 20 seconds - We will get fewer data points (120 vs 240), but 10 seconds was found to lengthen the experiment to the point that subjects became bored and agitated.
  • Removed the need of spontaneous annotations from the first part of the experiment - It was found that it distracted subjects from the actual game if they were instructed to give spontaneous feedback.
  • Instruct the subject to minimise movement to increase recording accuracy
As far as data analysis goes, I plan to use weka ( as a tool to analyse my data.

Still technically running on schedule, but I would like to get most of the experiments out of the way and start analysis this week, as I am relatively unfamiliar with the machine learning aspect of things and may need some time to read into this subject. I'll start to analyse these 3 experiments this week and see if i need to find more participants next week.

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