Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Familiarisation with equipment

Last Friday I participated in a trial experiment measuring physiological signals using images from IAPS as stimulus using protocol/software developed by Sazzad, Payam and Omar. There was also an additional experiment where they measured my physiological response from using an interactive tutoring program. I familiarised myself with the equipmen test setup and typical protocol used in recording physiological signals.

I observed some difficulties that my project will encounter:
  • The setup is a bit intrusive. The participant has to wear electrodes on part of their face and arms and movment is partially restricted. Too much movement will result in 'noisy' signals.
  • There are several types of sensors measuring arousal levels (ECG, skin conductivity, respiration rates), but only one type measuring valence (EMG).
  • Because of the above points, the stimulus must be of relatively short duration to limit movement and 'noise'.

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