Monday, April 19, 2010

Project proposal submitted

Project proposal was submitted on Friday. The title was: "Hedonics of Sports Fans"

Basically, I plan to use either live or annotated video footage of an NRL game as stimulus while recording a subject's physiological response. Events in a sports match might be easier to match to predicted emotions (e.g. you would expect a supporter to be joyful if their team scores a try, or be nervous if the scores are close).

Some difficulties I predict will be finding the right subjects and scheduling. The subjects need to have some sort of emotional attachment to the stimulus, so I need to find pretty big supporters of NRL teams, then schedule a session where I can record their reactions. A live observation of the match would be preferable, but this will be much harder to organize.

Also, meeting with Sazzad and Omar on Friday to familiarize myself with the test equipment (I am volunteering to be a test subject in one of their experiments).

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