Sunday, August 8, 2010

Creating a prototype

Over the next few weeks a prototype will be developed for the experiment. Also, the experimental outcome and procedure has been finalised:
  1. Pre-annotate a 40 minute video with 20 second intervals between annotations of valence and arousal (3 levels each, for a total of 6 classes. We need at least 20 samples per class, so 120 samples all up) *To ensure we have enough samples, an interval of 10 or 15 seconds may have to be used instead*
  2. Record (physiological signals) a subject viewing the video.
  3. Have the subject self-annotate the video after first viewing.
Total experiment time for the subject should be around 100 minutes in total (10 minutes setup, 40 minutes initial viewing, 50 minutes self-annotation).

The user interface for the self-annotation phase will have to be very intuitive (1 click to record valence and arousal in under 3 seconds) to shorten the time of the experiment and prevent the subject from losing interest.

The project will be coded up in MATLAB, with the code following the protocols used by other projects in the LATTE group. Schedule for the next few weeks:
  • This week (week 3) - Review code for video annotation and start on own prototype
  • Next week (week 4) - Work on prototype
  • Following week (week 5) - Finish basic functioning prototype
Hopefully I can have a fully functioning prototype by week 7, run the experiments from weeks 8 through 10, analyse data from weeks 9 through 11 and write up the final report in weeks 12 and 13.

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