Sunday, August 1, 2010

Finalising experimental procedure

A basic outline of the experimental procedure has been drawn up:

  1. Annotate sports footage with expected levels of valency and arousal
  2. Expose test subject to the same footage whilst gathering their feedback on valency and arousal
  3. Measure test subject's physiological response whilst watching footage
  4. By comparing these results to the pre-annotated results, we can see how well we can predict levels of valency and arousal from this media.
  5. If there is enough time, we can use steps 1-4 on other forms of sports footage to see any correspondence in valency and arousal levels between different types of sports (e.g. if a test subject's team scores in any sport, we would at least expect positive valency)
The stimulus to be used will either be 1 half (45 minutes) of a UEFA Europa Cup game (football/soccer), or 1 half of a locally broadcast NRL game (rugby league). This will be finalised by Tuesday (2 days from now), as I'm contacting potential test subjects for their availability with this experiment.

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